Ghost Writing & Biographies

For pastors, public figures, business professionals and any individual who have no time or the expertise to write, our firm has capable professional writers who can put your thoughts into writing in an impeccable style and format. We create an umbilical connection with your mind and write a book that reflects your deepest thoughts and experiences. In the same vein, we write autobiographies for accomplished professionals who want to share their stories with the world. We conduct interviews to obtain salient anecdotes and experiences of your life and use that as information to write your autobiography with support from our own external research. But we don’t leave you hanging after the book is done, we help you create a formidable launch and marketing strategy to promote and sell the books.


Our excellent proofreaders and editors are committed to ensuring that the books our clients churn out are filled with the right content and proper language, bereft of errors. We edit your books to check facts, spelling and grammar errors and punctuation challenges.

Book Design

At Buabeng Books, beauty reigns. We provide our clients with beautiful and attractive cover designs that best market their books and attract buyers. We take the interior of your book seriously. We give it an attractive yet easy to read layout design that satisfies your needs and that of your readers.


Our print quality is unbeatable and yet affordable. We print our books with excellent printing machinery that ensures that our clients get world class quality.

Digital Publishing

This is the digital age. Billions of products and services are generating enormous income for their owners. Your book can be one of them. We publish your book on digital platforms such as amazon.com to attract buyers from around the world.

Book Launch Organization

By leveraging our many years of experience in launching books, we advise our clients on how to launch their books and make enough income from it to offset their print costs. We also provide book launch organization services to those who require a professional touch to their launch event.

Book Marketing

We recognize that marketing and sales of books is one of the greatest burdens for authors. In that regard, we offer book marketing services for authors on our platforms to assist in book sales. Our goal is to enable you make income from your writing.


Pastors and speakers can earn extra income to support their ministries and/or careers by benefiting from our audio-to-text transcription services. Our outfit transcribes your sermons or speeches to text and develops them into books through professional writing and editorial processes

Academic Support Services

We provide academic research services for busy student professionals. We help with your research proposals, essays, articles, thesis or project work. We do this for you within the shortest possible time.