Tithes, Offerings and First Fruits(Frequent questions asked)

Tithes, Offerings and First Fruits(Frequent questions asked)


Mensa Otabil – Tithes, Offerings, and First Fruits

In Tithes, Offerings and First Fruits the author looks at the practice of giving in the kingdom of God and at the many forms that are mentioned in the Bible. This exploration will add to a Christian understanding of righteous stewardship and clarify much of the confusion and debate within the contemporary church. A major contribution of the book is Mensa Otabil’s thoroughly researched and deeply scriptural explanation of tithing, and whether it’s application in the Old Testament remains relevant and important for New Testament believers. The book addresses some of the most instructive instances of giving, from Genesis through the New Testament, gleaning lessons about why various figures in the Bible gave, how they presented their offering, and how God responded to their gesture.

Author: Mensa Otabil
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